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The legal defense of the Peruvian student belonging to the Markham College school rejects that the American minor has been raped

Colegio Markham

Following a complaint from a mother who claimed that her teenage daughter had been raped by a college student Markham, defending the accused went to answer charges.

Through a statement, the lawyer said that the Medical Legal Certificate 042177-E-IS that was practiced on the alleged victim on July 29, 2018, showed that "the child has not been raped and has no injuries."

The defense of the teenager accused of initials V.P. he assured that, so far, his sponsored "has not been summoned to testify" and that "there is no specific accusation at the moment" against the accused.

According to the statement, the witnesses who participated in the party held on July 13 of this year and where the girl was raped, "have not been cited" to testify as to what happened.

In addition, the defense exhorted the minor's mother not to "resort to the media to give a version far from reality" in order to damage "the dignity, honor and intimacy of the minor VP and his family".

"We do not doubt that this false report will be filed at the time by the Public Ministry for the amount of proof of his innocence that has already been presented and exhibited," the statement ends.

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"Before the news spread in the media about the alleged violation of the minor M.E.S. On the part of the minor V.P allegedly occurred on July 13, 2018 in the context of a birthday celebration among school children, the defense of V. P complies with the following:

1. This case is not subject to ordinary criminal justice, but to the jurisdiction of a Family Prosecutor's Office under the rules of the Code of Criminal Responsibility of Adolescents, Legislative Decree No. 1348, because they are minors. Therefore, the process is guided by fundamental principles such as the full reservation of the identity of the parties to the process, based on the need to protect the honor and personal privacy of the parties, especially in this initial stage of investigation. It is important to point out that even the youngest VP has not been summoned to testify, there is no specific accusation against him at the moment, nor have the witnesses of the children's party of July 13, 2018, in which the fact denounced. Neither have the scientific, medical and psychological tests been carried out that, we do not doubt, distort the version of the complainant.

2. For this reason, we deplore that both the mother of the minor, Ms. Anne Elizabeth Severns (49 years old), identified with a passport of the United States of America N ° 526315917, and her lawyers, turn to the media to give a version far from reality in order to put pressure on the authorities of the Ministry Published without noticing the damage that may be caused to the dignity, honor and privacy of the minor VP and his family We will use all the resources The law allows us to include the pertinent legal actions with the purpose of not causing irreparable damage to the reputation of a minor without a final sentence.

3. With regard to the facts denounced, the results of the Medical Legal Certificate No. 042177-E-IS dated July 29, 2018, practiced on the alleged victim and clearly shows that the minor has not complied with the law, can not be ignored. been violated and that it lacks injuries.

4. We made it clear that the minor V.P and his parents are at the full disposal of the authorities and will cooperate with the investigations as appropriate. We do not doubt that this false accusation will be filed at the moment by the Public Ministry for the amount of proof of their innocence that has already been presented and exhibited.

5. We would like to thank the media to take into account the rules of the Code for Children and Adolescents and to prevent the dissemination of the images and identity of the minor VP of 17 years, without prejudice to the full respect we have for the freedoms of information and expression. "


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American student denounces that student of exclusive Peruvian school violated her

SOURCE : OJO  |  24HRS | OJO |AmericaTv

An American minor, just 16 years old, reported that a student at the renowned Markham College violated her.

The young American arrived in Peru on the occasion of a school exchange at her school with Markham College.

Everything happened a day before the child returns to her native United States.

"I wanted her to come to practice Spanish, but this was destroyed by that boy who begged and raped her," said the mother of the child who is in Lima in search of justice.

"He gave me a little pisco to drink and takes me to the room, I told him to stop, but he did not stop," the minor said outraged.

For his part, the lawyer of the American, Sandro Monteblanco, said: "the child has come to Peru for a cultural exchange and this school Markham Collegue is not doing much to protect her and the students."

The educational center gave its position on controversial complaint

The renowned educational center Markham College is in the eye of the storm after an American student reported that a student from that school violated it.

It all happened at a party last July 13 to which the child under 16 attended and it was just a day before she left for her native United States.

In that place, the victim was raped by a young man from the same educational institution. According to denounce, the defendant had hidden between his clothes a bottle with pisco, in which they claim, mixed with some substance that made her numb. 

According to the police report, said bottle is open and only gave her to drink despite the fact that there were other people in the environment. After taking a sip, she says, she felt bad, so his attacker pulled her to a room.

She could do nothing to escape or ask for help, it was the second time she saw him, the first was a few days after his arrival in the country, also at a party.

The fact has already been reported and is in the 14th Family Prosecutor, the victim has already passed the law exams including the Gesell camera.

The American minor, just 16 years old, reported that a student, aged 17, and initials B.P.D. He abused the American woman, who arrived in Peru through a cultural exchange. The student belong to the renowned Markham College .

The Markham College school disclaimed responsibilities in the case because they assure that "what happened is an isolated event that occurred outside their facilities, but that will help in the investigations".

the student is currently a fugitive from justice

SOURCE : OJO  |  24HRS | OJO |AmericaTv

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Descubren restos de niña descendiente cruce de Neandertal y Denisovano

(Laurence COUSTAL/AFP / 22 de agosto de 2018)
Érase una vez, hace 50.000 años, una neandertal y un denisovano que tuvieron una hija... Un minúsculo fragmento de huesos reveló que estas dos especies de la línea de los humanos, ahora extintas, se reprodujeron.

"Es la primera vez que se identifica un descendiente directo de estos dos grupos", dijo a la AFP Viviane Slon, del Instituto Max-Planck de antropología evolucionista de Leipzig, en Alemania, coautor del estudio publicado este miércoles.

Los denisovanos y los neandertales se separaron hace 400.000-500.000 años, convirtiéndose en dos especies distintas del género Homo.

Los neandertales desaparecieron hace alrededor de 40.000 años. Se desconoce el motivo exacto. Los denisovanos también desaparecieron, pero no se sabe cuándo.

Pero pruebas de ADN demostraron que ambos dejaron parte de su herencia al Homo Sapiens. Las poblaciones asiáticas y amerindias comparten menos del 1% de su ADN con los denisovanos y los aborígenes de Australia o los papúes de Nueva Guinea hasta el 5%.

Asimismo, todos los humanos modernos, excepto los africanos, tienen en su genoma aproximadamente un 2% de ADN legado por los neandertales, lo que demuestra que se pudieron haber producido cruces entre estas especies en un pasado lejano.

Imagen tomada el 14 de junio de 2015 del fragmento de hueso de "Denny" encontrado en 2012 por arqueologos rusos en la cueva Denisova, en Siberia, Rusia (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD/Max Planck Institute/AFP | Ian Cartwright)

- 'Denny' -

La existencia de un descendiente de estas dos especies fue revelada tras el hallazgo de un hueso de 1,5 centímetros, tan pequeño que los científicos no podían decir a primera vista si pertenecía a un homínido o a un animal.

Descubierto en 2012 en una cueva de las montañas de Altai en Siberia, cerca de la frontera actual entre Rusia y Mongolia, "Denny", como lo llamaron los investigadores, pertenecía a una hembra de al menos 13 años, que existió hace unos 50.000 años.

La cueva donde murió "Denny" ya era famosa porque ahí se encontraron por primera vez restos fósiles del Hombre de Denisova. Se trataba de fragmentos de una falange auricular perteneciente a una niña de unos siete años, que demostraron la existencia de este primo del Homo sapiens.

Al analizar a "Denny", los genetistas lograron distinguir los cromosomas que la joven heredó de su padre y los que heredó de su madre. Para ellos no cabe duda: su madre era una neandertal y su padre un denisovano.

"Al principio pensé que había un error en las pruebas", admite Svante Pääbo, investigador del Instituto Max-Planck de antropología evolucionista y coautor del estudio publicado en la revista Nature.

Cuando se fueron de África, los neandertales se dispersaron por Europa y el oeste de Asia, mientras que los denisovanos se dirigieron hacia el este de Asia.

"Posiblemente los neandertales y los denisovanos no se vieron muchas veces. Pero cuando ocurría, todo apunta a que no tenían prejuicios los unos con los otros", afirma Svante Pääbo, el científico que identificó por primera vez al Hombre de Denisova.

"Seguramente se reproducían frecuentemente, mucho más de lo que pensábamos, sino, no habríamos tenido tanta suerte", añade.

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The Pentagon secretly studied ‘exotic and sophisticated’ UFO technologies, bombshell letter reveals

A photograph of a fast-moving UFO spotted over the Atlantic by two US Navy pilots

The Pentagon’s secret UFO research programme carried out investigations into a range of ‘exotic’ futuristic technologies, a letter between a US Senator and the Deputy Secretary of Defence has revealed. Documents relating to a highly sensitive investigation government project called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) confirm that the US has studied a range of futuristic technologies which would allow it to exercise global military dominance for decades to come. This programme is dedicated to exploring ‘ unexplained aerial phenomena’ and is believed to have written a 490-page report which collects together UFO sightings from around the world. The world first heard about AATIP last year, when footage of an encounter between an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet and an oval-shaped UFO travelling at astonishing speed was released.

Now a letter sent from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to William Lynn III, Deputy Secretary of Defense, has revealed tantalising new details of the US government’s exploration of ‘disruptive aerospace technologies’. Although the correspondence does not mention aliens or UFOs, it appears to confirm the US Senate ordered an assessment of ‘far term foreign aerospace threats’. It is not known whether these threats were alien in origin – or came from some rival military power. It said these include ‘extremely sophisticated concepts within the world of quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetic theory, gravitics [anti-gravity], and thermodynamics’. These technologies ‘have the potential to be used with catastrophic effects by adversaries’ Senator Reid warned in his letter, which was obtained by Las Vegas Now. The letter also said ‘much progress has been made with the identification of several highly sensitive, unconventional aerospace-related findings’.

‘Ultimately, the results of AATIP will not only benefit the US Government but I believe will directly benefit the Department of Defense in ways not imagined,’ he wrote. ‘The technological insight and capability gained will provide the US with a distinct advantage over any foreign threats and allow the US to maintain its preeminence as a world leader.’ Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defence, said the ‘bombshell’ document ‘reveals much more about the AATIP project than was previously known’. ‘These staggering revelations show just how seriously the US government took the issue. Irrespective of what they believed about the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, this letter gives a telling insight into the reasons why the Pentagon was interested, and what they thought the threats and opportunities might be,’ he told The Metro

Beam from UFO over tractor at farm
The truth about the US Government’s UFO programme is probably not as out there as some alien hunters would hope

However, what the document does not give us is the answer to the question of whether humanity is alone in the universe. In fact, there is no mention of aliens in the letter and it only really discusses the military implications of futurist technology. Pope previously told Metro AATIP looked at UFO sightings as part of a wider intelligence assessment of the threat from next-generation aircraft, missiles and drones, ‘The UK government took a similar view, and some of us involved in looking at this subject in the MoD referred to the ‘novel military applications’ that we felt might be derived from a fuller understanding of the phenomenon,’ Pope added.

Luis Elizondo (Picture: UFO Congress /YouTube)
Luis Elizondo, former head of the AATIP (Picture: UFO Congress/YouTube)

‘Weaponisation was one of the things in our minds, and we shared US concerns that certain foreign nations (particularly Russia and China) were looking at this too, and might beat us to the punch. ‘In the MoD, we dropped the term ‘UFO’ and replaced it with ‘UAP’ (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), both to reframe the debate and to obscure our true goals. ‘Harry Reid’s letter goes one better. The project was described in terms designed to give anyone not cleared for access the impression that this was some sort of study into next-generation aircraft, missiles and drones. ‘Whatever the truth of the matter, it’s time to drop our prejudices about the subject and to stop referring to “flying saucers” and “little green men”. ‘It’s time to realise that whatever we’re dealing with, there are serious defence and national security issues involved and that the US, the UK, Russia, China – and maybe others – are engaged in potentially game-changing work on this subject.’

Last year, the AATIP program manager, Luis Elizondo, said he believed there is ‘very compelling evidence we may not be alone’. He also recently suggested mysterious ‘metamaterials’ which may have come from crashed alien spacecraft are being stored by the American government in specially modified warehouses in Las Vegas. The AATIP programme was closed down in 2012, although the New York Times reporters that exposed its work believe it is still operational in some capacity.


viernes, 10 de agosto de 2018

Pentagon DOES have 'mystery metals that came from UFOs' says former government insider

UFO-PopeNick Pope*Getty
Nick Pope believes metal from UFOs has been recovered by the US.

THE US Government has stored away mystery metals thought to have come from UFOs that were visiting Earth, according to a former British MoD insider.

In December the New York Times revealed details of a top-secret Department of Defense (DoD) prorgamme to investigate any threat from UFOs that ended in 2012.

The report about the DoD £16 million Advance Aerial Threat Identification Programme (AATIP) also astonishingly claimed that the material, that was said to be “unknown to science” following tests, was stored in buildings modified by a private aerospace company which was paid huge amounts of money by the DoD to research the phenomenon and look after the “metal alloys.”

The AATIP was run by military intelligence official, Luis Elizondo, on the fifth floor of the Pentagon’s C wing.

Mr Elizondo resigned to form UFO research group To The Stars Academy with former Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge.

The bulk of the money went to Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, run by billionaire US businessman Robert Bigelow, who is also working with NASA to create a new expandable spacecraft.

However, no images have surfaced of the alleged material, nor have any details of where it was found, or any reports of tests carried out on it.

Ralph Blumenthal, one of the reporters who worked on the story, later clarified: "They have, as we reported in the paper, some material from these objects that is being studied so that scientists can find what accounts for their amazing properties, this technology of these objects, whatever they are.

"It's some kind of compound that they don't recognise.

"We printed as much as we were able to verify. Can't go beyond that."

After a number of claims about the accuracy of the report emerged, Nick Pope, who previously investigated the potential threat posed by UFOs for the British MoD, came forward to back the report's claims.

Although his enquiries in the 1990s revealed no such threat existed, and no metals were found in the UK, he is convinced mystery metal is being stored in the US.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: "The recent revelations about the Pentagon's UFO project are all true.

"The project existed and was funded to the tune of $22 million.

"Some of the personnel involved with this project came to believe some of the objects were extraterrestrial.

"There are recovered "materials", the full details of which have yet to be disclosed."

We asked Mr Pope how he could be so certain that the metals existed and were in storage.

He said: "As to how we know these alloys exist, there are two points.

"Firstly, Luis Elizondo has clearly told the New York Times and others about this aspect of the AATIP project.

"Secondly, the original New York Times article on December 16 states that the paper saw contracts relating to the project, maybe as a result of Freedom of Information Act requests, but possibly as a result of material having been passed to them by Luis Elizondo or by someone else associated with the project.

"The implication in the New York Times article is that the alloys were mentioned in one of these contracts, which would have had to have contained some breakdown of how the money was going to be spent.

"A specific expense seems to have been the modification of some Bigelow Aerospace buildings to store these alloys and other UFO-related materials."

He described the New York Times fact-checking process as "meticulous."

He added: "They were obviously very, very sure about this aspect of the story.

"As I've said previously, there are various tests that can be done on alloys, and clearly these tests will have been done.

"The results will be known. It's just a question of whether the fact that these tests were done for AATIP but carried out by Bigelow Aerospace is sufficient to keep the results outside the scope of the US Freedom of Information Act.

"We don't know how these alloys and other materials were obtained.

"We're told they relate to UFOs, and if they come from some sort of military encounter, this is potentially very significant.

"However, we also know that Bigelow Aerospace acquired all sorts of UFO-related materials from civilian UFO research groups such as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Mr Pope said: "Imagine a scenario where a farmer sees a UFO over his cow pasture, and later found some bits of metal in the field.

"He assumes - maybe wrongly - that it's connected with the sighting, and gives it to a UFO investigator.

"Subsequently, it's acquired by Bigelow Aerospace and ends up as part of the AATIP project.

"If this is the sort of way in which these materials became part of the AATIP project, then they might not be exotic or significant at all."

Richard Sachleben, a retired chemist and member of the American Chemical Society's panel of experts, is not convinced.

He told Live Science. "My opinion? That's quite impossible.

"There are databases of all known phases [of metal], including alloys.

"There are no alloys that are sitting in some warehouse that we cannot figure out what they are.

"In fact, it's pretty simple, and any reasonably good metallurgical grad student can do it for you."

May Nyman, a professor in the Oregon State University Department of Chemistry, said the databases include straightforward techniques for identifying metal alloys.

He said If an unknown alloy appeared, it would be relatively simple to figure out what it was made of.


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